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J-Cap Trim

J-Cap Moulding Staircase Trim:
Most skirt boards used in staircase renovations or new home construction jobs is a high grade veneer face, solid core 3/4 in. plywood which shows the exposed edge of the plywood side. Even With solid skirt board you still get edge grain showing. The J-Cap Moulding is used like a mini nosing to cover ( cap ) this unfinished edge, thus giving a finished look to this otherwise raw edge. So if you have 32 feet of skirt board, you will need approx 36 feet of J-Cap Moulding for proper coverage.

Now that you have the edge of the skirt board problem solved you may ask, how do I hide any drywall dips that run up the side of my wall. The answer is very simple, you run the Ogee Cove Moulding on top of the J-Cap and pin nail this in place allowing the Ogee Cove Moulding to contour to your drywall. There you have it, all drywall dips are hidden and a finished look of perfection is present.

J-Cap Trim Moulding Hardwood ( Sold Per Foot )
Product TypeProduct Number SizePrice
Oakjcap-13/8 x 1 in.$1.25
Birchjcap-23/8 x 1 in.$1.25
Maplejcap-33/8 x 1 in.$1.25
Jatobajcap-43/8 x 1 in.$2.25
Cherryjcap-53/8 x 1 in.$2.25

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