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Metal Balusters
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Metal Balusters For Stairs & Railings ( We Stock The Most Popular Profiles ):

Our metal balusters revive the character of turn-of-the-century New Orleans French Quarter architecture. The Scotia Stairs metal balusters collection continues the tradition of staircases with the finest materials and styling. Blended with the warmth of wood and the finest in quality craftsmanship, our metal balusters are sure to become the centerpiece of any home.

We stock the newest and best metal balusters on the market, The Lite-Iron™ series. These are bolder and lighter metal balusters, and are now available here! With a hollow core that reduces weight while maintaining strength. The Lite-Iron™ series allows faster installations without losing the spectacular look of high-quality forged iron.

The Stair Parts Canada metal baluster collection offers a full range of finish options, styles and accessories for a personalized look to match every décor. The collection includes six attractive finish options, including powder coat, matte black, antique bronze, satin black, oil rubbed copper and antique nickel. Four unique style collections and an array of forged accessories allow you to create a unique and elegant stairway that complements your entire home.

Level Run Handrail Note: Cut metal balusters down from the bottom square end to a length of approx. 37-1/2 inches for your level run hand rail ( this is for hand railings that are non staircase rails ).

Open Treads Handrail Note: Cut metal balusters down from the bottom square end to a length of approx. 37-1/2 inches for all front tread balusters and approx. 41-1/2 inches for all back tread balusters ( this is for staircase rails ).

Railing Height Note: The above are guidelines for Residential applications only and are based on the Canadian Building Code, which states that a height of 36 inches is to be the minimum height of the top of the handrail for a of residential railing. We recommend you contact your local building inspector to confirm the above in your area.

Our In Stock Metal Baluster Colors Are Satin Black & Oil Rubbed Copper ( c ):
>>> Close Up Color Picture: Satin Black Metal Baluster
>>> Close Up Color Picture: Oil Rubbed Copper Metal Baluster

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We stock a full line of tube steel balusters to complement any home


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